Auzilium Academy

Auzilium Academy - a new and comprehensive knowledge resource that provides education, advice, inspiration, and updates on ERP and Microsoft Business Central.

A hub for knowledge and expertise within Business Central

At Auzilium, we specialize in ERP and Microsoft Business Central, and we take pride in being a reliable and dedicated premium partner to our customers and partners. Being responsible and proactive, we strive to stay updated with the latest software updates, government requirements, laws, regulations, and best practices from our customers and Business Central users. We continuously seek new knowledge and keep building our knowledge database, which defines us as a company.

Our desire is to share our expertise and knowledge with you. That’s why we initiated Auzilium Academy, a platform aimed at educating, training, and inspiring our customers, employees, and anyone interested in learning more about ERP, especially Microsoft Business Central. Auzilium Academy serves as the primary knowledge unit within Auzilium AS.



Academy keeps you updated!

We offer courses and training programs designed for new customers and users of Business Central, as well as training programs for new employees. Our team ensures you stay informed about all updates from Microsoft (Business Central), changes to laws and regulations from the authorities, and interesting “Best practice” tips from leading companies.

Furthermore, we provide valuable tips and tricks to increase your efficiency and satisfaction with Business Central. You can find all this information through various channels, including our website, current news at, monthly newsletters, training videos, LinkedIn, Facebook, seminars, and conferences.

If you’re a customer and partner, you’ll automatically receive our newsletters. However, we recommend that everyone follow us on LinkedIn and Facebook and regularly visit our website for ongoing updates.



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Auzilium Academy helps new employees become successful professionals.

At Auzilium Academy, new employees are introduced to Auzilium and its world. We take great care of our employees by providing them with a tailored training program called “The Auzilium Experience”. This program starts on the day the employment contract is signed and continues throughout the first year of work. Our training covers company values, work standards, software, and all possible project scenarios that employees may encounter in their daily work.

Maintaining our premium partner standard is crucial for us at Auzilium, as we are a leading ERP partner for today’s customers

Your journey towards a successful career

When you join the team at Auzilium, you are immediately considered a valuable member of the company. Our aim is to provide all the necessary tools and support for your success as a new employee. This process, which we call “On-boarding,” is divided into three phases.

  • Pre-Boarding
  • On-Boarding
  • Post-Boarding
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